xptnd makes games in los angeles, and helps run indie collective Glitch City


traintrain frontier an online sandbox model train set
boat on wavesoft horizon online sea-faring adventure in a procedural archipelago

team work

solar ash
skin deep
dreamdaddydream daddy
blasterdisney playmation
paintthe unfinished swan

filing cabinet

goldline an interactive-music-video walkabout date in chinatown
frogkitefrogkite a kite flying and wind gusting prototype
mosoza sword play inspired by Zatoichi / Out of Sight using PS3 Move + Rift
gibson VR hacking simulator, you move by typing fast on the keyboard (Cinefamily Y2K)
strangelove an FPS where your hands want to kill, but you want to love (molydeux jam I)


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http://glitch.city digital arts collective